Mohammed Shami’s epic response to Hasan Raza’s allegations: ‘Sharm karo yaar, chii yaar,’ it’s just a game

Indian cricket team star Mohammed Shami has hit back at former Pakistan cricketer Hasan Raza for accusing India of using different balls to bowl during the ICC World Cup 2023. The speedster took to Instagram to express his disappointment and said that the former cricketer shouldn’t envy India’s success and that they should focus on the game 1.

Raza had claimed that the Indian bowlers are getting different balls, and urged the International Cricket Council (ICC) to inspect the balls used by the Rohit Sharma-led side.

The statement was criticised by Pakistan team great Wasim Akram. “I’ve been reading about this for the last two days. I want to have the same thing these guys are having, sounds like fun. Mind is not there. You are not only embarrassing yourself but us too,” Akram had said in response to Raza’s statement.

Raza had also said that there was ‘DRS Manipulation’ by India. “Jadeja picked up five wickets and finished with career-best figures. We were talking about technology where DRS was being taken.

Van de Dussen was the batter and the ball was hitting the middle stump after pitching on leg stump. How is that possible? “The impact was in line, but the ball was headed towards the leg stump. Like everyone else, I am just sharing my opinion. I am saying that such things should be checked. DRS is being manipulated and that is clearly visible,” Raza was quoted as saying on ABN 2.

Shami’s response to Raza’s claims was a witty one. He wrote on his Instagram story, “Sharm karo yaar game par focus karo na ki faltu bakwas par kabi to dusre ki success ko enjoy kia karo chii yar ICC World Cup hai apk local tournament, nahi hai or Ap player hi the na. Wasim bhai ne samjhaya hai explain kia tha phir bhir Hahahahhahahahahaah. apne player apne Wasim akram par yakin nahi apko. apna tarif karne main lage hai janab apto just like a wow” 2.

The ICC World Cup 2023 has seen its share of controversies. From Angelo Mathews’ timed-out dismissal to Glenn Maxwell criticizing the mid-match light shows, the Cricket World Cup has witnessed moments where things did not go smoothly.

However, Raza’s claims of ball tampering and DRS manipulation by India are baseless and unfounded. It is important for players to focus on the game and not indulge in such petty controversies.

In conclusion, it is important for players to maintain the spirit of the game and not indulge in such petty controversies. The ICC should take strict action against players who make baseless allegations and tarnish the image of the game.

The focus should be on playing good cricket and not on such trivial matters. Let’s hope that the rest of the tournament is played in the right spirit and that the best team wins 2.

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