Dara hua kaptaan': Moin criticises Babar Azam's lack of intent

Moin Khan, former Pakistan wicketkeeper-batsman, criticized Babar Azam's leadership and intent.

Moin openly labeled Babar Azam a "scared captain" in his assessment.

The criticism came after Pakistan's seven-wicket defeat to India in the ICC World Cup match.

Moin Khan expressed dissatisfaction with Babar's intent as captain.

He mentioned that Babar's batting did not reflect his natural game.

Moin used the phrase "Aapka kaptaan jab dara hua nazar ayega, nahi khelega, to ladke bhi phir wese hi react karte hain,"

– which means that when the captain appears scared to play shots, it affects the team's reaction.

The criticism was delivered on a Pakistan TV show by Moin Khan, who has a significant cricketing career, including 69 Tests and 219 ODIs for Pakistan.

The critique centered around Babar Azam's approach and leadership during the match against India in the ICC World Cup.